Downfalls of Online Used Car Shopping

February 27th, 2020 by

As a top used car dealership in the greater Tampa Bay area, Car Credit is proud to serve a large community of car buyers. However, in this digital era, many used car buyers are wondering about the value of online car shopping. 

While online car shopping services may try to hook you with the promise of affordability and convenience, nothing beats an in-person car shopping experience.

Why Online Car Shopping Falls Short

  • You’ll miss out on in-person guidance from an experienced salesperson. 

Our used car salespeople are here to understand your needs and find the perfect car for you. But, when you’re shopping online, you’re on your own. Through the online shopping process, you’ll miss out on valuable, often money-saving insights from a used car expert.

  • As an online shopper, it can take weeks to receive your car. 

After purchasing a used car online, you’ll have to wait to get in the driver’s seat. With online shopping, getting the paperwork filled out and approved by the state DMV can be a drawn out process. This process gets even more complicated when you’re purchasing a car from another state, given that vehicle regulations vary from state to state. Then, once the paperwork is done, you’ll have to wait even longer for your car to be delivered. 

  • Online vehicle images leave much to be desired. 

Oftentimes, online car sellers will simply use stock photos to accompany their car listings. This doesn’t give you an accurate depiction of the car you’re shopping for. So, when you’re online, it’s tough to get a realistic idea of used cars that are available. 

Online used car shoppers have several blind spots. From the actual condition of the available cars to paperwork complications, the process of shopping for a car online presents several risks that can keep you from finding the car of your dreams.

At Car Credit in Tampa, we’re by your side through every step of the used car buying process, helping you find a car within your budget that suits your needs. Then, once you’ve picked out the perfect car, we’re here to help you complete the paperwork quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you drive off in your chosen vehicle. Visit one of our four locations to shop for a used car today!

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