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An Oasis in The Current Desert of Woes

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Times are tough. The economy is struggling. Job loss is at an all-time high. Overall credit scores are sinking like the Titanic and the mood of the country is where do we go from here?

Standing out like a beacon in the gloomy fog is Car Credit, a local Tampa auto dealership with 3 locations. It is a time-proven adage that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you make of it. If attitude and a winning spirit will truly conquer all, then Car Credit is living proof of that.

When other businesses are falling by the wayside, Car Credit is having the greatest growth spurt in the history of their dealerships. How are they accomplishing this feat of turning lemons into lemonade? The answer is simple and it is genius.

No credit is necessary.

Car Credit Inc. realized that in these difficult times, people’s credit scores were really taking a hit. They also realized that a person is much more than just a beacon score. They knew that a person’s worth cannot be determined by what a few credit reporting bureaus have to say about them. So the owners at Car Credit made it possible to drive away in your very own automobile without ever having your credit checked. All they require is proof of employment and they will make sure that the bus is a memory for you and your family.

With numerous businesses struggling to make ends meet, Car Credit is making great deals on an excellent variety of superior pre-owned cars and in the wake of that, making countless friends and lifelong customers.

So before you succumb to the economic blues and start feeling that hope is a precious commodity slipping between your fingers, take a look at the business model of Car Credit and realize that there will always be a way to succeed and with a positive attitude, anything is possible.

Please check back for the latest news from our dealership. We look forward to serving you!

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